The investigations that influence our work.

Research posts...

  • Machine precedents
  • Over the past couple months we have been learning to use tools for fabrication and coding. Now, we are faced with the challenge to pull these tools together into a fabbed robot. My initial concept is a Seymour Papert "turtle" inspired drawing robot that can use water to write poetry in Chinese characters on outdoor concrete ground surfaces. First I will survey the drawing bot landscape. Dishu is "earth writing or practicing ephemeral calligraphy on the ground using clear water as ink." The imagined robot would be mobile using legs or wheels, battery-powered, use water through a brush to make...

  • Precedents
  • Most of the science I used comes from Dr. Paolo Bombelli's excellent research in the field of bioelectrochemical processes. This includes his published research: Electrical output of bryophyte microbial fuel cell systems is sufficient to power a radio or an environmental sensor and Biophotovoltaics: oxygenic photosynthetic organisms in the world of bioelectrochemical systems and Biophotovoltaics: Energy from Algae published in Catalyst Vol 21 #4, April 2011. Alex Driver and Carlos Peralta's collaboration with Dr. Bombelli Moss Table. In a series of collaborations, they were able to run environmental sensors and a small LCD display for two weeks uninterrupted and operate...

  • Discussion
  • Michael Reynolds : Earthship Biotecture Primavera de Filippi's Plantoid introduction.