Fusion 360, introduction

2017 Feb 11
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Fusion 360 seems like a powerful cloud based 3D modeler compatible with OSX, Windows and several mobile OSs. The advantage of the cloud based file structure is always having access to your files (assuming you have internet access, if not... ya screwed) and a built-in collaborative platform. Autodesk is hosting built-in cloud based fabrication and rendering tools as well. Many file types can be imported or exported, in fact, Fusion directly connects to McMaster-Carr's database and quickly pulls in any number of parts. The modeling mostly involves interfacing with a visual modeling window and is capable of setting reactionary relationships between objects: formal relationships, operational joints, etc. Fusion also keeps a history which enables time machine adjustments which then propagate forward through the timeline. Nice. This week, I only had time to run through a couple of tutorials. After following along with this free webinar, I have the confidence to use the application in the future, except for complex-curvy geometries. And, I most likely will.

It is always helpful to immediately understand the visual interface.

I will post links to resources I have found helpful here.

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